3 Basic Motorbike Safety Tips For beginners.

Motorbikes are fun to ride and also much economic for commuting. Everyone knows that, but not many know motorcyclists are likely to die more than 30 times compared to other travellers (Sea, Air, Road). Research shows more than fifty percent motorcyclists die as a result of single crash. So next time you ride, make sure you don’t fly or you will really fly high into next life (Pun intended :D).


Tip #1

For Oldies

so you are 70+ and you want to ride Dodge Tomahawk?  Maybe that’s a bad idea. Get something you can handle, don’t buy bikes which will make you shiver. Get something with 200-300CC not 8.3L Massive Dogge Tomahawk.  Btw webuyanybike sells high end sports motorbikes, make sure to check them out.

ABS Brakes

Tip #2

You Need ABS Brakes

Most high end bikes comes with ABS brakes system, however if your motorbike doesn’t have ABS system than get one! Research proofs ABS brakes are much effective than locking up brakes in emergency situations. Also that will improve your steering control. Not to mention life matters too, spend some on your bike and save yourself.

use brains please

Tip #3

Use Brains

Are you someone who thinks you are cool enough not to wear a helmet? How about I tell you what a idiot you are. Research shows you are likely to die 40% more in a fatal crash without helmet. Skull is like Marshmallow, it will come out with it hits the road. So before you hit the road make sure you wear a full face helmet. I would also recommend you to get a helmet approved by department of transportation.








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