7 Best Electric Motorcycles to buy in 2016

zero s motorcycle

The motorcycle manufacturing industry has revolutionised due to all of the technological advancement that the world is witnessing; going green is no longer exclusive to the automobiles industry. The motorcycle manufacturers started producing environmental friendly machines that run on fossil fuel alternatives; to be more specific, two wheels that run on electricity. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best electric motorcycles industry has to offer.



zero s motorcycle

Zero S Motorcycle

This model is dedicated to the street fighter enthusiasts. The Zero S motorcycle has a 150+ miles range per ride and 300,000+ miles lifetime. The bike has a top speed of 102mph. This is the outcome of a powerful 67 HP engine that produces 106 ft-lb torque. Those specifications are not typical within the electric motorcycles category. Also, the bike is loaded with an interior permanent magnet (IPM) that helps in cooling down the engine rapidly.


The Zero S is light-weight and has a sturdy frame since it’s made of aluminium. The stability and manoeuvring of the motorcycle are remarkable too, as the body design has a low centre of gravity. The bike is equipped with Showa suspension system for a smoother riding experience. The manufacturers invested in the braking system by adding Bosch anti-breaking system (ABS) for a shorter breaking time and a safer riding experience. The bike comes at a price of $9,895 including taxes. If you are a street fighter fan who just happened to love the environment as well as riding, then this is the bike for you. If you are seeking a more advanced version of the Zero S, you can always go for the Zero SR.  I remember before buying this beast i had to sell my bike to make space for this one.





best electric motorcycle

Lightning LS 218

This motorcycle proves that you can go fast without necessarily hurting the environment; it is loaded with a 200 HP, liquid cooled engine that produces 168 ft-lb torque and can reach a maximum speed of 218 mph. In other words, it’s the dream super-bike for every racer. The bike weighs 496 lbs and it’s equipped with high-quality Brembo brakes to take control of the powerful motorcycle.

As for the transmission of the motorcycle, it has a direct drive motor technology which makes your rides even more enjoyable. The charging time is 30 mins when using a fast DC charger and 120 mins for a level 2 one. The suspension is made from aluminium and is totally adjustable for more comfort and stability on the road. As you can guess, there is a price for those options; the base price for the Lightning LS 218 categories is $39,000. It may not be cheap as the previously mentioned motorcycle (Zero S), yet you can spot the differences in the features and performance. It’s a very fair price if you want to go both fast and clean. In my opinion this is one of the best electric motorcycle money can buy.


Energica EGO

Energica Ego

This is another superbike that runs on clean fuel. The motorcycle has a 136 HP engine that produces 195 Nm torque from 4900 to 10500RPM. This masterpiece goes from 0-60 mph in less than 3 seconds. The riding range for the motorcycle is 150Km at 80Km/H, 190 Km at 60 Km/h and 100Km at 100Km/h. Moreover, the motorcycle is equipped with four riding modes; standard, Eco, Rain and Sport with 4 Regenerative maps which are Low, Medium, High, and off. An assistant park option is available to (back and forth) at maximum speed 1.74 mph. The motorcycle has 11.7 kWh battery capacity with 1200 cycles @ 80% capacity lifetime.

The battery takes 30 mins with a fast DC charger for recharge and 3.5 hours with a normal one. The motorcycle is loaded with front and rear Brembo brakes and a Bosch switchable ABS to improve the stopping time. Last but not least, this environmental friendly bike weighs only 258Kg. The whole packages come with a base price of $34,000 and can go up to $75,000 for the highest category. The Energica Ego may not be as powerful as the Lightning LS 218, yet you can see how it excels when it comes to technology.



KTM Freeride E-SX

KTM Freeride

Moving on to other riding styles, the KTM Freeride E-SX is the ultimate off-road motorcycle that runs on electricity. A motorcycle rider who loves going off-road to enjoy nature will never look after destroying it. The motorcycle is powered by a 22 HP permanent magnet motor that produces 42 Nm torque. The KTM Freeride E-SX has a liquid –cooling system with an electric water pump to make sure that your motorcycle will run efficiently even when subjected to the harshest conditions. Speaking about tough riding conditions, KTM made sure to isolate both the drive unit and the electronics against water and dust, just in case you decided to go wild with your off-road motorcycle.

KTM loaded the motorcycle with three modes too; Economy, Standard and Advanced to provide you with a customizable riding experience. Also, the motorcycle has no gear box, so just twist the throttle and enjoy the ride. The classic is made from a steel-aluminum composite material to combine strength and light weight. The chassis is made from a steel-aluminum composite material to combine strength and light weight. The motorcycle runs on a lithium-ion battery. The riding range is 30 miles, and the motorcycle comes with an external charger that can be connected to any 230-volt power source. This bike comes with a $14,300 price which is very convenient for adventure-seeking riders.



Lito Sora Motorcycle
Lito Sora Motorcycle

Now it’s time to go for the muscle type riders. Muscle motorcycles are well-known with their loud pipes and engines. Well, Lito Sora has changed all of that. This new motorcycle goes from 0-60 mph in 4 seconds. This is because of its powerful 60 HP engine that produces 66.4 ft-lbs torque to drag a 573 lbs body weight. Water liquid-cooling system is used to keep your engine working effectively. The motorcycle has a top speed of 118 mph which is considered to be surprising in this category and weight of bikes. You can ride your Lito Sora motorcycle for 124 miles straight without recharging. The motorcycle’s design is outstanding as it combines both muscles and sports designs. The chassis is made from carbon fibre for weight reduction purposes.

The charging time is 3 hours approximately. The motorcycle’s display is very advanced, and it shows multiple options that are very practical while riding such as, the battery charge and translating it into a distance. However, this amazing motorcycle starts with a base price of $77,000. It may be a little bit more expensive than other alternatives, yet the features of the motorcycle are worth the investment. Hopefully, this article gave you an overview of the different categories for electric motorcycle. Most of the people are shifting towards clean energy sources in different aspects of their lives. Maybe it’s your turn now to reconsider a greener alternative to your motorcycle that serves both, yourself and the environment.

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