Kawasaki J125 Review

Looking for a cheap minimalistic commuting solution with some style and reliability? Then browse no further, Kawasaki J125 is just about right for you. Don’t be put off by its miniature size or its tank size because it provides more than what you will need in any large city.

The Ride
This is a low weight bike that makes you feel Swing as you barb through traffic. This is not a Ducati 1198 but still it got a firm grip on some of the very slippery roads. Also, ABS is included as a standard in this bike (something necessary for inexperienced bikers).

Scooter is a single cylinder, and it can quickly reach 70MPH without any fuss. Also, the bike is much more responsive than its standard image. However, sometimes it can be a bit noisy in town whirring at 7000rpm.

Build Quality
It is a Chinese motorbike. Uses China made engine and Chinese base.

User Reviews

Users rate this bike 8 out of 10. This is based on firm grip and traction controls, Low maintenance cost and it’s responsiveness.

Running Costs.
Low Low Low. Running costs are super low for this limited edition scooter in comparison to similar scooters like Honda Forza. Kawasaki has made this bike a quality ride for people with tiny pockets. If you are one like me, make sure to get this.

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