Top 3 Electric Motorcycles

Electric motorcycles are increasingly becoming popular among biking enthusiasts for both transportation and recreation purposes. The ever increasing fuel prices and to some extent environmental concerns are some of the reasons people are starting lean towards electric vehicles. Innovative companies have produced some impressive electric motorcycles with sleek designs and enormous power making them a major threat to the regular fuel ones we are used to. After serious analysis, we have come up with this short list of the top 3 electric motorcycles.

Energica Ego review

Energica Ego

Motorbike industry insiders have dubbed it as Italy’s first electric bike. The CRP group, a company that is also involved in Formula 1 and aviation, is behind the production of this impressive road warrior. The bike has a sleek, sporty design and a 136 hp engine with a torque of 145 lb-ft gets it moving. With a top speed of 149 mph, it can be classified as a racing bike but can also be used to cruise the streets. $35,000 is the amount you have to pay to own one.

lightning bike review

Lightning LS 218

After eight long years in the kitchen, the Lightning LS 218 meal is finally ready and can only be described with one word- impressive. The bike can reach speeds of 218 miles per hour powered by 200 HP engine with the ability to go 160-180 miles without being recharged. This bike is definitely on the same level if not above fuel motorcycles of the same class. The price tag is $38,888, but it is worth every penny of it.

Lito Sora

The price tag of over $50,000 tells you that this is no ordinary motorcycle it is made only for the elite of men. This bike combines aesthetics in design and state of the art technology.  The high-quality leather seats and carbon fibre body is evident of this as well as the touch screen controls, continuous variable transmission technology (CVT) and the 5.7 inch GPS touch screen. In matters speed, it can clock 120 mph which is sufficient since it is not a race track kind of motorcycle.    

Electric bikes are already here, and they are here to stay. One primary reason you should embrace them is that they are cheaper to maintain as compared to their fuel counterparts and also the price of electricity is lower than that of gas. When you own one you are also contributing positively to the fight against environmental degradation and pollution and, therefore, making earth a better place to live.

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